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Rating: star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)  (5/5)
Size: 1.32 MB


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This game is a clone of the Nintendo series of Bomberman games.   With over 300 hours in development, this game is definitely worth the download time.  It features 24 multiplayer levels that you will never bore of, and a one player mission mode with 3 difficulty levels, each containing seven very challenging levels, along with mission briefings, objectives and short cinema scenes.  This is a very addictive game that will keep you coming back for more.
Rating: star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)    (5/5)
Sports IQ Trivia
Size: 1.84 MB
IQ Trivia
Description: This game was made with Visual Basic 6.0.  This game was released for download on August 15th.  This trivia game includes three difficulty levels, each with a baseball, basketball, football, and miscellaneous category.  That is a total of 180 very challenging questions.  This game includes a big incentive to play -- Upon receiving a high score, you will be listed on this site's Hall of Fame.  This is a must download for any sports fan -- be sure to download this extraordinary game soon.
Rating: star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)(4.5/5)
Bad Ball II
Size:  649 Kb
Description: This is your classic pong game with a new multiple twists.  It is two player and features weapons, items, secret levels, obstacles, various two-player competitions.  A great multiplayer game that's easy to learn and always keeps you entertained.
Rating: star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)(3/5)
Go Kart Racers
Size:  523 Kb
Description: This is a two player racing game with a few interesting twists.  Download now and let the fun begin!
Rating: star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)(2.5/5)
Tank Wars
Size:  206 Kb
Description: This is an entertaining 2 player tank shoot-em-up game.  It has a simple plot and a small file size, but is a great multiplayer game.
Rating: star.gif (1726 bytes)star.gif (1726 bytes)(1.5/5)
Abandon Planet
Size:  249 Kb
Description: This is a small, one level game.   It appears simple, but is challenging to complete.